About DSI

Dental Specialist Info (DSI) was established by Dr. A. Rassouli, a General Dentist with offices in Southern California. In his own practice, Dr. Rassouli often seeks specialists. For example, (1) when he needs a specialist out of his practice locale, (2) a patient moves or has an emergency away from home, (3) a patient asks for a specialist closer to work/home, (4) a previously used specialist is unavailable, or (5) the doctor or patient wants more information about a specialist. While lists of dental practitioners are available, these lists typically include only basic contact information (e.g., name, phone, address). It is out of this need for a more refined and informative resource that DSI evolved. DSI is more than a directory service. It is a network where dentists and specialists can communicate and collaborate to offer the best possible treatment for their patients.

Unlike other directory services, we can provide a comprehensive personal and professional profile (see sample profile) for each dental practitioner. Now dental professionals and patients have a single place to access information about a particular doctor's specialties and services, educational background and training, credentials and professional memberships, office operations (hours, location), as well as contact information. Thus, users are more acquainted with each specialist and they can be confident that a specific dental office identified via our directory search service is capable of performing a given procedure or service.

There are over 35,000 dental specialists available currently listed in the DSI specialist directory. In addition, the 'Other Specialties' section lists a wide variety of dental-related services and companies. Users can search from among over 700 venders and service providers that specialize in dental practice management, dental broker services, repair services, web designers, dental CPA’s, dental attorneys, dental venders/distributors, etc. Similar to specialist profiles, company profiles can provide product/service information along with company goals/objectives and other company-specific information. For more detailed information, Premium Member companies have a direct link to their website.

With DSI, you can overcome long cumbersome searches through large search engine networks. Instead, you have direct links to what you need in the dental field. Keep in mind that the site has been created and developed by a dentist for dentists. The DSI site is simple to navigate. Unlike most other online professional directories, users can use the search bar to look up a specialist or company by, city, zip code, last name, company name,or first name. The DSI directory includes phone and address information for all listed specialists and companies. Once a specialist or company becomes a Premium Member, we create a comprehensive profile (details on the Membership page).

As demanded by today's technological environment, users can forward profile information via email or text. We also urge doctors and office/company staff to register with our site to receive special announcements and exclusive promotional offers.

In addition, DSI offers:

An All-in-One Online Resource for the Dental Industry

In summary, our goal is to become a full-service online resource where dental service providers can go for almost anything they may need for their day-to-day operations. Our primary purpose is to provide a searchable comprehensive nationwide list of dental specialists -- accessible to dentists and patients. In addition, we offer a variety of resources for specialists and general dentists: (1) referral forms, (2) detailed doctor profiles, (3) posting board with a wide variety of dental-related offerings, (3) information about dental-related products and services, (4) technological advances in the dental industry, (5) monthly Newsletter targeted at dental specialists and general dentists, and more. All of the above can be accessed via the DSI web site.

Giving Back

As a newly developed company, the DSI team also believes in "giving back" to the dental community and society by supporting humanitarian efforts sponsored by agencies such as the California Dental Association [CDA] Foundation.

News Features

DentalSpecialistInfo.com's awareness is growing. Check out the CDA Foundation's Newsletter and MarketingforDentalSpecialists' feature article.

A Message From the Founder & President

Dental Specialist Info (DSI) began with a simple goal – to connect general dentists with Dental Specialists. DSI helps dentists to communicate and to be more proactive in their ongoing search for Dental Specialists. The site is also a useful source for new product and service information. The upcoming DSI Newsletters will feature marketing, business-related, and hot-button topics designed for practicing dentists. Everyday, more dentists and specialists see how DSI helps professionals in the dental industry connect nationwide.

We owe DSI’s success to the continued support of our members.

Best regards,

Dr. Anthony Rassouli, DDS